LayTec, founded in Berlin in 1999, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of process-integrated optical metrology systems for thin-film processes in industry and research. The measuring systems are used in, above all, optoelectronics, electronics, photovoltaics, optics, photonics and the semiconductor industry, as well as in manufacturing flat screens and memory chips.


LayTec measuring instruments provide real-time information about the quality-determining parameters of coating processes – either in situ during the process, or in line during the substrate transfer between coating steps.


The real-time information provided by LayTec measurement systems shortens the development cycles of new kinds of thin-film materials and structures with their often very complex manufacturing processes. Integrated into production lines, LayTec products also enable very efficient quality control and automated process control, which significantly increases both process yield and effective plant run times. Thanks to its modular design, the devices can be combined into high-performance measuring stations, integrated into a wide range of processes and also applied to the latest thin-film materials


Very close collaboration with suppliers of coating and etching systems and leading development laboratories allows LayTec to always develop the best solutions for the analysis and control of thin film processes.