Corporate Group

Mission Statement

Nynomic’s mission is to make the world a better place for this and future generations. We achieve this by implementing innovative photonic measurement technology to measure parameters that are of vital importance in the fields of life science, green tech and clean tech. We offer the entire value chain of non-contact optical measurement technology – from components and systems to the applicable solution. Our customers can flexibly choose from our product portfolio with regard to the degree of integration, depending on what best fits their requirements.


Photonics for high-growth Markets


Nynomic AG focuses its business on three fast-growing markets: life science, with a focus on medical technology; green tech, with applications in the fields of agriculture and environmental technology; and clean tech, with very broad application fields throughout the industrial sector, for example in the transportation sector. The growth drivers of these markets are demographic trends, lack of resources and increased efficiency. Based on a broad technology platform, Nynomic develops and produces intelligent solutions for the permanent, non-contact and non-destructive optimisation of processes. These solutions lead to great customer benefit, with short payback times and high increases in efficiency.


Everything at one Address


Nynomic AG has a clear brand concept with independent brands. The optical measurement cells and spectrometers of Avantes B. V. are the basis for this. tec5 AG combines such components into high-quality systems, thereby increasing the added value. m-u-t GmbH combines components of the group companies with its own expertise in innovative applications, which are marketed as series production devices. APOS GmbH develops measurement systems for the niche markets of wood processing industries and neighbouring markets. LayTec AG develops measuring devices for the semiconductor sector, photovoltaics and measuring large-scale surface coatings. Spectral Engines Oy develops and produces highly miniaturised, inexpensive detectors (MEMS-based spectral sensors) that are used in industrial applications (smart industry), applications in agriculture (smart agriculture) and applications in the household appliance market (white appliances, and the smart home) in mobile and stationary systems.


Sustainable Growth


Based on sustainable growth, Nynomic AG continues to steadily develop as a reliable partner. Short-term sales maximisation at the expense of medium and long-term customer relationships is not desirable. The aim is to achieve sustainable growth both organically and through company acquisitions. The buy-and-build strategy was already the basis for disproportionate growth in the past years, which was significantly higher than the dynamic momentum of the sector. The strategy is reviewed, and internal structures are adapted at regular intervals. The growth driver is the scaling of the product platform, and the growth accelerator is scaling through the series production business. The goal is to achieve double-digit revenue growth every year. In the medium to long term, sales of EUR 100 million and an accompanying EBIT margin of between 10 and 15% are the aim.


Global active, strong at Home


Nynomic AG’s high export rate attests to its growth in all regions. The group is seeing steady growth in its core markets of Germany, Europe and North America. Through subsidiaries in China and sales partners in other Asian countries, that important market is being directly served and is likewise developing in a very positive way.