Avantes is a leading, innovative company in the field of developing and producing miniature spectrometers connected together with fiber-optic cables, with a quarter of a century worth of experience in developing customer-specific spectrometer configurations. With its many years of experience in advising customers in different market segments and applications, Avantes is an experienced partner in helping customers in the best possible way with specific applications or research requirements.


Thanks to the use of innovative and high-quality products, combined with excellent customer service, Avantes is a partner that always strives to exceed expectations.


Avantes’ products (spectrometers and accessories) are used in many OEM applications in various market segments and industries worldwide. With over 40,000 spectrometers in the field and on the market since 1994, Avantes has a great deal of experience in finding the perfect solution for many spectroscopic requirements.


Avantes’ spectrometers allow measurements in the UV, visible (VIS) and near-infrared wavelength range (NIR), from chemical analysis and quantification to colour measurement and radiometry. Avantes offers its technologies for spectroscopy and material characterisation in the following market segments and industries:


  • Agriculture and food
  • Pharmaceutical / Chemical
  • Photonics
  • Photometric technology
  • (Bio)medical applications
  • Solar technology
  • Glass and coating
  • Semiconductor
  • Gemology
  • Environmental


Avantes supplies its customers through a combination of direct and indirect sales and intensive technical support. Based in Apeldoorn in the Netherlands and with its own branch offices in Colorado (USA) and China, sales engineers work closely with customers to understand the requirements and applications as well as possible and to suggest solutions.


Avantes has a worldwide network of 46 distributors in 35 countries who, thanks to intensive training, are very familiar with the configuration and use of the products. Administration and production are based at the Avantes headquarters (2800 m2) in Apeldoorn in the Netherlands, with highly motivated employees and high-quality standards in order to fulfil customer expectations at all times.