Board of Directors
Maik Müller   Fabian Peters

Maik Müller has been a member of the Management Board of Nynomic AG since May 2015 and in this holding function is responsible for technology, operations and research and development. After completing his studies in Communications Technology, Maik Müller joined the recently founded tec5 GmbH in 1995, where he played an important role, in different capacities, in the development of the company over a period of over 10 years. From 2005 to 2008, he was Director R&D at CyBio AG. He then worked for Zühlke Engineering in the area of high-tech consulting until his appointment as Executive Director of tec5 AG in October 2010. He was fully operationally responsible for the tec5 Group until April 2023.


Fabian Peters has worked for the Nynomic Group since October 2013 and has been an Executive Director of Nynomic AG since January 2015. In parallel, he successfully held the position of Managing Director at the operational m-u-t GmbH, one of the largest subsidiaries of the Nynomic Group, until March 2023. As a member of the Executive Board of Nynomic AG, he is responsible for Finance, Controlling, Organisation and Investor Relations. After completing his Finance studies, Fabian Peters gathered a wide variety of management experience in the field of insurance. Before joining the Nynomic Group, he worked at Versatel AG in Finance, followed by many years of CFO work within the L&O group.