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2. Juli 2007

Specialist Baader Bank AG – BALFR

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ODDO BHF Corporates & Markets AG

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ICF BANK AG, Frankfurt/Main


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Maik Müller, Fabian Peters

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Hans Wörmcke (Chairman), Dr. Sven Claussen, Hartmut Harbeck

Accounting JFRS (since 2019)

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The Nynomic AG was founded in 1995 under the name m-u-t GmbH, is based in Wedel near Hamburg and has since developed into an internationally renowned high-tech company. Within the framework of the growth strategy, m-u-t GmbH was converted into the corporation m-u-t AG in 2007 and was listed on the German Stock Exchange in July 2007. In 2014, m-u-t AG’s operational business was outsourced to m-u-t GmbH in order to take into account the additional focus of m-u-t AG as a purely strategic financial holding company.

In June 2018, the name of m-u-t AG was changed to Nynomic AG by resolution of the annual general meeting.

Description of the operational Business

Nynomic AG manufactures products for permanent, non-contact and non-destructive optical measurement technology. The smart photonic solutions are built on a technology platform based on spectral sensor technology. Thanks to the good adaptability to the processes at the customer’s company, they can be scaled into different application areas and represent a strong increase in efficiency and great benefit to the customer. Nynomic uses a miniaturisation-based technology change as a basis for its medium-term growth, which is well above average compared to the market. The company is increasingly focusing on economically robust independent markets as a full-service provider in the life science, green tech and clean tech segments. As a system supplier, Nynomic AG has a clear marketing concept, from the components to the device. It has a global presence, with independent brands and subsidiaries. In the course of implementing the buy-and-build strategy, it is planning above-average growth and increasing synergy effects to increase profitability in the group.

Business Segments

Nynomic AG focuses its business on three fast-growing markets: life science, with a focus on medical technology; green tech, with applications in the fields of agriculture and environmental technology; and clean tech, with very broad application fields throughout the industrial sector, for example in the transportation sector.

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