APOS is the Nynomic Group’s system integrator for solutions in the wood industry.


APOS provides turnkey measuring system solutions for the user company, including user-friendly software and, for example, ERP integration at the customer’s company.


Founded in 2010, APOS initially served the renewable energy market, but quickly expanded its market presence. It now serves the following industries:


  • MDF/HDF plants,
  • OSB works,
  • chipboard plants,
  • paper and pulp mills, and
  • wood-burning plants.


APOS distinguishes between products for the wood products receiving department (Receiving OPT product family) and for various process applications (Process OPT family) and is thus one of the enablers of industry 4.0 in the timber industry. The modular system architecture and robust design of the systems allow adaptations for further applications to be implemented with little effort.


Over the years, APOS has built up a broad range of expert knowledge in these segments and has an extraordinarily unique position on the market. APOS’ customers include almost all the big European players in the timber industry. In addition to innovative technology, APOS’ applications are characterised by short ROI and high investment security for the customer. Virtually the entire installed basis of the systems is supported by long-term maintenance contracts of APOS.


APOS now has customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Turkey, Poland, Belarus and the Czech Republic.


APOS sells directly, through distributors, and, increasingly, through OEM partners